Brief Introduction

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Hubei Provincial Department of Culture is a functional department responsible for the cultural and art affairs of Hubei province, the major responsibilities of which are to: Implement the lines, principles and polices on culture and art affairs under the Party Central Committee and the State Council; study, formulate, study and supervise the provincial polices and administrative regulations for culture and art affairs; study and formulate development strategies and plans for the provincial culture and art cause; guide the reformation of cultural regime; study and formulate the provincial plans and policies for the provincial development of cultural industry; guide and coordinate the development of cultural industry; plan and guide the construction of major state and provincial cultural facilities; administer the provincial literature and art cause; study and guide cultural and artistic creation and production, support representative, exemplary and tentative culture and art classes, and improve the concerted development of all art classes; put major provincial cultural activities under centralized management; administer provincial cause of social culture, and study, formulate and implement development plans for the provincial cause of social culture; guide the construction and development of social culture cause of all classes; administer provincial library cause, and guide the setup, development and exploitation of books and reference materials; organize and promote the standardization and modernization of libraries; formulate provincial development plans for culture and art education and the education cause for the staff of the culture system; organize the research, implementation and development for the cultural and artistic science and technology, and popularize the fruits of cultural and artistic science and technology; administer the provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau; put the provincial Cultural Market under centralized management, formulate development plans for the Cultural Market, study the development status of Cultural Market, guide the inspection over Cultural Market and management of film publishing and public screening; administer the provincial cultural communications with foreign countries, formulate plans for international cultural communication, and guide international cultural communication. 

Organization structure: Office, Personnel Division, Finance Division, Artistic and Scientific Education Division, Cultural Market Division, Cultural Industry Division, Social Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Division, International Cultural liaison Division, Party Committee, Inspection Office, Retired Staff Management Division. 


Address: NO. 23, GongZheng Road, Wuhan Municipality, Hubei Province, Chine

Tel: 0086-27-68892300